The celebrations of the 600th Anniversary of Jagiellonian victory at Grunwald officially inaugurated

On January 14, 2010 people walking the streets of the Warsaw Old Town must have been rather surprised when they saw medieval knights on horses from the Kingdom of Poland and the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, led by a herald who loudly announced the beginning of the preparations to the great battle at Grunwald.

This unusual parade found its end in Kubicki Arcades of the Royal Castle where at noon a press conference was started to inaugurate the celebrations of the 600th Annivrstary of the battle of Grunwald. In fact, it was a costume performance, being at the same time a reconstruction of historical events from 600 years earlier when the king Jagiełło received Teutonic Order envoys.

Guests gathered at the event were welcomed by Piotr Żuchowski, the Secretary of State in the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, acting as an official Minister’s Representative for the celebrations of the 600th Anniversary of the battle of Grunwald, who opened the preparartions to the great July celebrations. He described the extensive programme of anniversary events, stressing the importance of the Grunwald Victory for the later Commonwealth of Two Nations by using the expression “from Lublin Union to European Union”. During the conference, a lecture was also given by professor Henryk Samsonowicz, an eminent Polish medieval historian, who described how the 1410 vitory consolidated the international position of Jagiellonian Poland, and also spoke about the role of the Grunwald tradition in shaping the Polish national identity.

Many distinguished Polish artists took part in the theatrical performance, among others Daniel Olbrychski, Anna Cieślak – as a courtier of the king Jagiełło – or Wenanty Nosul in the role of the Teutonic envoy. Mariusz Pudzianowski, the five-time world champion in the Strongman competition,  wearing armour as the knight Mariusz of Pudzianowo, like the famous knight Powała of Taczowo, twisted in loop a Teutonic sword in the presence of gathered guests, inviting them to watch “the fight of six centuries”.The conference was hosted by a well-known TV presenter, Grzegorz Miśtal. Schoolchildren and students attending the event received a “call to arms” in the form of Minister’s letter announcing opening of the preparations to the main celebrations, as well as souvenir t-shirts.

The event was reported for wider public by many media institutions.



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